Reflections on a life most ordinary

28 03 2007

The thing about being on leave after a hectic few (many!!) months at work is that one’s mind isn’t used to having “free time” and stays in overdrive. Leaving a certain someone restless and itching for stuff to do. Thank goodness for the men-of-leisure, D-man and G-man, who entertained me for a good part of the afternoon. Owe you one, guys!


I decided today that I want need to learn how to drive. The Significant Other and I drove up to Genting with a few friends over the weekend – a 5-hour trip each way. While the other vehicle had the luxury of 2 drivers, S.O. was the only driver in ours. Though S.O. insisted he was all right, throughout the trip I could sense the strain – the uncomfortable shifts in his posture, the stifled yawns, the gruff replies to my endless chatter.

I thought about how I had promised myself to learn how to drive over a year ago, when we just got the car, so we could “share” the responsibilities of driving. I thought about how S.O. had to drive all the time – rain or shine, fatigued or perky – and how I so often took it for granted.

Thanks for everything, luv. I’ll work hard towards being your part-time chauffeur.


I met up with a bunch of college friends a few weeks back. They all seemed so … settled. Marriage, kids, stable careers, the works. I felt like a rolling stone, a migatory bird, flighty and undecided. Would I reach their “stage” of life? Did I really want to?

It scares me, in a way. Life now is relatively free and easy. I don’t want it to change.

My friend Gene often writes about the trials and tribulations of raising a child. He has an absolutely impish and adorable 5-year-old, whom he loves to bits. Seeing him and his child always makes me smile.

It makes me think whether I’d make a good parent. I have nil maternal instinct and zero patience with unruly and smart-ass kids. I think prams should be banned from crowded public places (they get in the way and take up too much room). I think kids who run around screaming their head off and getting in the way of all and sundry should be throttled.

I also think parents shouldn’t try to “mould” a child into their ideal of what he should be like. Too often, I’ve seen parents forcing their children to take music lessons, extra tuition … all “for their own good”, because they want the kids to “have everything they never had”.

It’s easy to express disdain now, but would I eventually do the same thing?

If I ever have a child, may the greater powers grant me the good sense to allow my child to take the path he wants to. And for me to accept his decision, make the journey with him and truly, truly enjoy every step of it.

It’s late now. Time for bed. Brain, please go to sleep. Mummy needs to work tomorrow.


And … a new beginning!

27 03 2007

Can’t sleep. Thoughts are swimming in my head … frantically, relentlessly. I wake up to write something, but blogger keeps giving me problems.

In a hissy fit, I decide to move my blog and sign up for a wordpress account.

Been thinking a lot these days, hoping, wanting a new beginning. And an end to a slew of sorry affairs that I wish had turned out differently. Let’s hope things work out 🙂