Keyboard Mania!

22 04 2007

I have found what seems to be the last Keyboard Mania machine in Singapore … and it’s in Pasir Ris resort (of all the gawd forsaken places). Well, at least it’s nearer than Genting, which is the only other place I’ve seen this machine in the past year.


Goodbye, CFA

22 04 2007

I’ve all but given up hope of passing my upcoming June CFA. I was supposed to start studying in January but till now, most of books lie, sad, dusty & untouched, under my bed. I carry one of the study guides with me every day, foolishly, desperately hoping that I will find it in me to start the ball rolling and get down to some serious studying. But that didn’t work out.

 Things have gone rapidly downhill since I completed my studies in December. What happened to the drive, the motivation that I had then? I’m such a mess right now and I don’t know what I can do about it.


21 04 2007

I hate the world. And I hate myself for caring.


Clingy parasites

14 04 2007

The S.O. just got the coolest pair of sunglasses from Parasite.

Quote: “The frames have two branches on each side, making them look like four-legged insects when stood up on their ends, and providing an “active holding” system that keeps the spectacles in place by clinging to the face rather than resting on the ears, and by adapting to the morphology of “the host,” in parasite concept parlance.”

I think it’s cool that they designed the product to fit the name (or the other way round).

And no, unfortunately, the picture of the guy above is swiped from Parasite’s website and is NOT my S.O. :X

Snap Happy

14 04 2007

I enjoy taking pictures with my camera phone, but I’m too lazy to download them onto a PC and usually just leave them in phone memory. Tsk tsk.

Finally got around to downloading some old pics:

Tickle Me Elmo: 10 years of annoying poor, innocent sods with hysterical, gut-wrenching laughter. And the bugger has the audacity to hold an anniversary celebration! Phooey!

We speak excellent english here, yes we do!

I think someone would like this 🙂 You know who you are!

And finally … narcissism at its very best …

New dress! Love it to bits.

And what better to go with a new dress than an old, tried-and-tested accessory 🙂

Shopping Frenzy!

13 04 2007

My current favourite store: River Island

Went to their Vivocity store over the weekend, their stuff is sooooo nice! They have classy, flirty, fun, flamboyant … (you get what I mean). The store is pretty huge too, so you won’t bump into another shopper every 2 paces. Even the S.O. had fun in the store – trying on sunglasses :-p

My only grumbles: (1) they don’t have the entire collection in their SG store; and (2) the stuff isn’t cheap! A bag I really liked retailed at $295. Ouch! Can buy several nice bags with $295, can?

For all you drinkers out there …

8 04 2007

How to flush your liver clean!

First 5 days: Start consuming as much apple juice as possible.

On days four and five: Drink apple juice every 2 hours, and at least 1.9litres (!!!) a day

The day of the flush: Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch (no butter/milk). Do not eat or drink after 2pm. Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 3 cups of water or juice, divide into 4 equal portions.

6pm: Drink the first serving.

8pm: Drink the second serving

9:45pm: Pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into a glass, 1/2 cup of lemon or grapefruit juice into another glass (don’t mix the two)

10pm: Drink both of them quickly, lie down immediately, either on your right side or on your back

The next morning after 6am: Drink the third serving

Two hours later: Take the last serving

By lunchtime: Back to normal! Eat light for the rest of the day