Why cannot study har?

28 05 2007

I can’t get down to studying! Arrrgh. Been like this since Friday. Die already..

In all honesty I do try – I plonk myself in front of my books, ready my notepad/highlighter/pencil – but nothing goes in.

So, instead of studying over the past few days, I have been:

1. Looking for good food (read: getting fat)

2. Reading blogs/forums (read: wasting time)

3. Online shopping (read: wasting time AND money)

4. Meeting classmates/relatives (read: wasting time but trying to justify it as social networking/moral duty)

Fear/dread/guilt are gnawing at my insides.

Fear – of failure (who doesn’t?). This time, I can’t even say I’ve really, truly tried. Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost the drive to study.

Dread – of this Sunday. I hope I don’t run out of the exam hall in a blind panic halfway through the exam. Haha!

Guilt – of letting everyone down. Especially my colleagues who had to cover me during my 2 weeks of “study leave”. And my boss – who, just before I left, told me “Good luck, make us proud”. Sadly, I don’t that’s going to happen. THE STRESS!!

Random pics:

S.O. had a craving for naan so we made a trip down to Al-Ameen (opposite Beauty World Plaza) for garlic & cheese naan, and butter chicken. (Ended up ordering mutton keema and grilled fish as well, which explains the “damn full, ah!” look on his face. Haha!) The garlic naan and butter chicken were fantastic! Rest was so-so.

Haven’t eaten there for oh-so-long – used to head down pretty often when I was studying in Clementi.

Finally managed to get kaya buns from Chin Mee Chin! Due to our lazy sleep-in-on-Sundays habit, S.O. and I usually only head out of the house around 2pm on Sunday afternoons – by which time, the kaya buns at CMC are sold out. (Last Sunday, we missed the buns by just 5 minutes. Sianz!)

Thanks to Eugene, who kindly drove us down early Saturday afternoon to get the goodies 🙂

Instead of studying, end up taking stupid self-pics. Haha. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to smile in a week’s time. :-p


Bzbz …

9 05 2007

The last one-and-a-half weeks have vanished in a flash … an endless blur of work & sleep. Had to go back to work last Tuesday (public holiday, sigh) and have been pulling late nights ever since. The work is never-ending and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Two more of my colleagues quit recently – that makes it 6 resignees since August. With just 2 new hires so far, and none more projected to join in the near future, my prospects for a normal life seem bleak.

Days whizz by – suddenly, it’s lunchtime. A short while later, S.O. is calling me about dinner. It’s dark, he picks me up, we eat and then it’s off to bed. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. The hectic schedule keeps my mind from wandering. I’m tired. Soon, I shall reach the stage of beyond caring – well, one can only hope 🙂

Finally got around to downloading my Hong Kong pics:

Stayed at a friend’s apartment – it’s so atas that the lobby has a shoe-shine machine

Made a pilgrimage to Krispy Kreme. I am on a sugar high!

Dim Sum at Maxim’s. S.O. and I couldn’t locate this place the last time we were in H.K. (We were in the correct building, but on the wrong floor). Their bo luo bao is delicious, best I’ve tasted so far!


Despite me maintaining (vehemently!) that this was meant to be a relax, zho bo trip … I still end up … shopping. Some things never change. I manage to get some pretty tops, books/mags, and a polo tee for the S.O. on my first day of shopping.

I can’t resist cute tissue packets, haha … each time I visit H.K, I end up buying stacks of cartoon-pic tissue.

 This was just the first batch of shopping! Over the next few days, I bought 2 bags, 3 more tops, 2 pairs of shoes, a skirt, and heaps of jewellery. Ugh, I’m totally out of control! I just have this wild desire to own pretty, girly things right now. Shiny baubles, dress-like tops, bling-bling bags … I MUST HAVE THEM ALL! WRAAAOOOO!!!

All good things must come to an end … it’s home again, back to the grind. I almost miss my flight because my gate is MILES away from immigration!

The terminal is endless. After 10 minutes of being very lost, I locate the travelator that will lead me to my gate.

You can see how far the gates are spaced apart – in the distance behind gate 27 is gate 29 … and my flight is at gate 65. CAN DIE AHHH!!!

I brisk-walked for no less than 30 minutes (including the “getting lost” time) before I finally managed to get to my plane. They were doing a “last call” as I handed over my boarding pass. I think I was the 2nd last person to board the plane!

More pics to come once I get them from my friends!!!