Company dinner – Hong Kong style

27 11 2007

The big boss was in HK for meetings last week. One remark from him “It’s hairy crab season?” and the menu was decided – chinese food, with hairy crab as one of the dishes.

Images of cold, furry crabs swam through my mind … ewww! Till my colleagues assured me the crabs were served hot, and the “hair” was contained to the upper part of the claw. Phew! (Btw crabs are usually served with black vinegar dipping sauce, and ginger tea is served after the dish to nullify the “han” of the crab)

Dinner was at Fook Lam Moon in Wanchai – famous for its star-studded guest list and sky-high prices. We had a few of their signature dishes and boy, was I impressed. Besides the hairy crab we had suckling pig, crispy chicken, baked stuffed crab, sharksfin, albalone, steamed fish, steamed lotus leaf rice, plus their signature cold dish and dessert. Everything was really good and fresh. Shall earmark this place for special occasions in future!

I don’t know whether it’s just my colleagues but there sure was a LOT of drinking during the dinner. Before the meal started, there was chinese wine. After the sharksfin dish, there was a toast. Then, french wine was served and …. quick and furious toasts after each course. OMG. I had this huge headache the next day – chinese + french wine = !!!!! BE WARNED!


All moved in and ready to rumble~

25 11 2007

Finally managed to set up the broadband and wireless connection in my apartment! It took the better part of one day to get the “wired” broadband set up, and another couple of hours for the wireless. /groan

Since when have I become an IT dunce? Sigh.

Moving in “alone” was … tough. I had to make 3 trips in all to get all my stuff down – clothes, suitcases, laptop and other computer items, etc. And it took a few more days to unpack and get everything in place. But at least I’m in my own place now, a proper home, not living out of a suitcase! 🙂

Will post pics once I get the rest of my furniture in!

Why Macau pw0nz0rs Gamblers

15 11 2007

Before you go into the Grand Lisboa (one of Stanley Ho’s casinos), you will meet two of his “bouncers” – I think these 2 keep your luck outside, ensuring Stanley 1, Gamblers 0!

 Chaming lookin’ fellows, aren’t they.

















Have to complain about the Grand Lisboa! Other casinos offer free shuttle buses to and from the airport/ferry terminal, no questions asked, just join the queue.

But, at the Grand Lisboa, you need to produce a ticket in order to board the shuttle! The only way to get tickets is to gamble – approach your dealer after you play @ the tables and ask them for shuttle tickets. KIAM KANNA lor. /grumble 

Happy Barfday!

12 11 2007

To GF,


Sorry I can’t pass you this present “on time” personally, or via post. Had a few *ahem* lost moments. But it should be on it’s way to you soon! Self-wrapped ok 🙂 Hope you’ll like it.

Yes the wrapping paper is deliberatly Cheeena. Goldfish mah, good luck! 😛












And while I’m on this topic …..

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, WW! Supplies! Your prezzie is bigger leh 😛
















Love all of you, and miss everyone!

Eating up Hong Kong (and Macau) – part 2

11 11 2007

Managed to slip in a side trip to Macau between apartment-viewings. Only managed visit Macau Island and a small part of Taipa – pics in Facebook! Shall try to make a longer trip next time round.

More food + shopping pics from Hong Kong!










Krispy Kreme … again. The special for this month is CHOCOLATE! Had a dark chocolate mint twist with latte. /dreamy

The donuts are slightly too sweet for my liking, but the locals seem to love them. Saw a guy carrying 5-6 large boxes of donuts from Krispy Kreme. Must have been over a hundred of the yummy confections! o.O



















“Yum Cha” at the famous Maxim’s at City Hall. Queue was really long – but all the food was nice, so found the wait worth it.

Boss brought me to another dim sum place at Wanchai, which was just as good. Their specialties were custard bun and bo lo bao with char siew filling. OMG the custard bun was fluffy on the outside with a liquid, steaming hot centre. I’m getting hungry just thinking of it.










In Macau – after half a day of looking at the historical areas, got bored/hungry and braved incredibly long queues ….










 (waited 45 mins!)










Got my hands on the famous pork chop bun from Taipa. The seasoning on the meat was really good! They only start selling this at 3pm each day and hordes of folk come to buy it. Everyone got bagsful of it – I think I was the only person stupid enough to queue almost an hour for ONE bun.











Besides pork chop bun, Macau is famous for its pastries – particularly, portuguese egg tarts! Margaret’s Cafe e Nata reputably makes one of the best egg tarts in town. The insides were slightly liquid, yet clumpy. I’m no fan of egg tarts but this was great. Didn’t regret hunting for it 🙂

On to shopping!
















Chocolate Rain – quirky store in the Mid Levels, selling hand-made accessories. The owner was being interviewed when I was there – guess the press finds them unusual too.


























While apartment hunting, I chanced upon Tai Yuen street – the largest outdoor street market in Wanchai. Huge variety of stuff there, plus alot of TOY SHOPS. Appearances are deceiving – alot of the stores had “kiddy” toys hung outside but inside they sold more “mature” toys such as anime models, Blythe collectables … glad I took a closer look!

Discovering new stuff everyday! I love adventures 🙂