Meat has rights too!

9 12 2007

While in Causeway Bay, bumped into the supporters of rival election canditates Regina Ip and Anson Chan. Alot of shouting, waving of banners, canvassing …

And in the middle of it all … a steak was trying to canvass for “supporters”, too! It looked very out of place amid all the election mayham. Hahaha ….


A week of excesses

9 12 2007

A load of colleagues/friends from Singapore arrived in Hong Kong this week, leading to a full 4 days of work/play. Have been getting home past midnight for the past 3 weekday nights (plus waking up 7am for work the morning after), and exhausted is the word right now – though it has been tremendous fun! 🙂

Wednesday – Went to Zuma (again) for drinks and finger food till past 10pm. On the way home, a colleague and I decided we were still still hungry and nipped to a cafe for supper. Arrival @ home = 12++ am.

Thursday – Hevun and Sauzan arrived in Hong Kong for a short visit! Met them and some other MMORPG players and Hung Hom for dinner, then to Mongkok for shopping and supper. They tried smelly tofu, curry fish balls, maggi goreng HK style, ice milk and ice lemon tea … phew! Arrival @ home = 12++ am.

Friday – X’mas event at The Watermark, Star Ferry Pier 7 – the place has a great view of the harbour. The dress code was “Pearly White” – and I didn’t have any clothes in that color, so I made do with a pearly white santa cap and a pearly white scarf.










After the party, went for Karaoke at CEO, Causeway Bay. The room we booked came with an attached bathroom + Wii + separate TV for those who wanted to play console games. Drinks were reasonably priced too – around SG$50 for 9 bottles of beer. It’s one of the coolest Karaoke rooms I’ve seen!

Only got home at 3am that night. /groan

Saturday – Met up with Hevun and Sauzan for some sightseeing. Had a great vegetarian lunch at Lantau, followed by a whirlwind tour of Disneyland.

The train to Disneyland is full of Mickey-shaped items!





































We agreed that the directory looked a bit … bare. Seems like nothing of interest on the map at all. They should do something about the scaling of the map 😛










Methinks they should have used a lighter color for Mickey’s face. It’s now too reddish and he looks … drunk.
















Tried a few rides, but my favourite was SPACE MOUNTAIN! It’s much faster than I remembered, it was fun gazing at the “galaxy” within and pretending to be a space traveller.










The Main St. Parade. The actors were all hyper, full of energy – and it was infectious. Hmm, is this Chip or Dale waving at me?

Gingerbread man doing some fancy moves. He looks good enough to eat.
















Gingerbread man, why are you smiling so widely? I hope you’re aware that you’re a popular treat during X’mas 🙂










The 7 Dwarves doing an X’mas dance, managed to get all of them in one shot!

















As always, the parade ends with Mickey and his closest pals.

Didn’t manage to get pictures of the fireworks, camera ran out of power right after the parade. It was really pretty and will stick in my memory for quite a while. I wonder how much the display cost, though. The park is losing money and continuing with these expensive fireworks displays will surely add to the bleeding. Not all is happy at the happiest place on earth!

Sister of the groom?

3 12 2007

My brother is vain.

Not only did he hire an expensive photographer for his wedding, he also rented a VW convertible (2 seater, of course!), which he plans to drive for the wedding o.O. Needless to say, my parents are horrified. LOL. But it should be fun!

 Hmmm, having an identity crisis here!

Sister of the bride = part of the “jie mei” gang.

Brother of the groom = part of the “xiong di” gang.

So …. sister of the groom = ???

The Time Traveler’s Wife

2 12 2007

Recently re-read The Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s a love story about a man with a disorder known as “Chrono-Displacement” that causes him to unpredictably time travel; and his wife, who met her time-travelling future husband when she was a child of six and he an adult (he was time travelling into the past).

It’s so sweet that their love story lasted so many decades – to know and love your husband from the age of six … and wait for him till time “catches up” and your paths meet again … takes a lot of patience and faith.

The husband gave the list of his visits to his wife during one of their early encounters, so she can expect his visits and wait for him. Oh, the anticipation it would have caused her. Every date signifying an event to look forward to.

I know the dates I will see the Significant Other again (Yes, I am anal and have booked my air tickets for visits up to February). He knows all these dates, no doubt he will be waiting for me …. patiently. And I shall look forward to these visits too.

I am the time traveller now.