Bye bye baby … see you again soon

31 03 2008

The S.O. flew to London for a short visit … that has, too quickly, come to an end.

Was great having you here, babe! Here’s my favourite pic of you (kudos to the photographer, of course – otherwise known as ME!) 🙂


I miss you lots, even though …

1) You look like a lobster when you drink …

2) Occassionally need some sense “scorched” into you … 😛

3) You like to kachiau me when I am taking serious pictures!

<Tongue in cheek>

I know we’ll have a great life together, babe. Just you and me. Cheers to that 🙂




9 responses

31 03 2008

aw so sweet… the first pic’s really very nice.

1 04 2008
Mince Pye

Missin’ ya too. And will definitely see you again soon! Very much looking forward to it, in fact.

5 04 2008
Wang Wang

“I know we’ll have a great life together, babe. Just you and me. Cheers to that”

Awwwwww… so endearing~~ very touching……. When are you coming back to us ? 🙂

Also hor, I want to complain!! Shifu immediately starts poking me when he saw me! Ouch very very very very very very very pain!!!!!!! He used all his force leh!~~
I got bruises on both my arms now! Boohooooooo~~~ /cry /cry

5 04 2008
Mince Pye

It’s ok… the bruises will fade quickly, just like your memory.

Soon you’ll forget not to hit me again… then I’ll have to refresh your memory, and bruises…

8 04 2008

Wang Wang ~ miss you guys!! Don’t know when I can get back, have to fly straight back to HK after my training here 😦

/pokeback Kelvin … minus 10 points!!!!

11 04 2008
Wang Wang

Yay! Minus 10 points!!! Woohoo!!!! Try doing tat again to me shifu~ I comprain hor!!! Be belly scared hor!!!!!!!

19 04 2008

Wah…so sweet. 🙂 Had drinks with Derek, Gary and Anand. Heard the good news man! Congrats! Talk soon. 🙂
P.S.: It was meant to be dinner with the three of them…Gary and Anand last min cannot make it…made Derek and me look like two gays sitting in Al Forno. Sheesh. Lucky the other two turned up at Sunset Bay, otherwise…hai. Gary’s new ride is sweet! 250bhp sweet! :twothumbsup:

2 05 2008

elyxia – I dreamt about you last night =_=”’ I dreamt that I saw you in some building in Singapore and was surprised that you were back already.

20 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Purgation!!

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