Will the rain ever stop …?

13 06 2008

It’s been pouring here for the past 1+ weeks … it rains in the mornings, afternoons, the entire night … you get the idea 😛

I stay in a low-lying residential area (Wanchai). Last Saturday, I woke up to knee-high water on the streets, the color of milk tea. A few hours later, the waters receded but 2 inches of mud were left on the streets. Apparently, all the disgusting mud was washed down from the hillslopes into our area. YUCK.

When I recounted this to a friend of mine, his immediate reaction was “Ooh, water the color of milk tea. Got pearls anot?” o.O

Men …

Didn’t manage to get photos of the flood disaster last week, but it’s raining again now so perhaps I’ll get “lucky” tomorrow. *rubs hands in anticipation of a good photo op*




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