The Wierd Names Chronicles

14 06 2008

Recently I’ve come across folks with very … unconventional names.

Jeckyll (one wonders what his brother is called)

Okus (I can’t imagine how this came about)

and the killer ..

Virginial (hahaha …)




6 responses

14 06 2008
Mince Pye

Actually, Okus sounds pretty cool… like something I’d name my Hunter, Ranger or Troll Deathknight…

Okus Stormarrow, or Okus Darkblade…

20 06 2008

A manager in my extended team is called Fred Love.

I thought it was amusing, until I saw a “Jesus Love”. LOL.

22 06 2008

Rigght. How about Okus Chua?

22 06 2008
Mince Pye

Well, not so catchy…

24 06 2008

Ruok Ornot ftw!

27 06 2008

Ruok should die.

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