Goodbye Fengshen, ‘allo Singapore!

27 06 2008

Escaped Typhoon Fengshen and am now safely back in Singapore! Phew!

Fengshen. Quite an eye opener! The Hong Kong authorities raised the typhoon warning just before midnight on Tuesday. I peeked out to see how bad it was but there was no wind, no rain … nothing.  Pfft, what a non-event, I thought. A Singaporean friend suggested taking a walk to experience the typhoon. Inside, we were chortling – all this fuss about nothing.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of strong winds. Peeked out of the window and found that the umbrella, shoes and socks I had left in the balcony were … flying around. * HORROR *

Typhoon 1, Complacent Singaporean 0

On the bright side, I did get half a day off due to the Typhoon, and the warning was lifted in the late morning so I managed to catch my flight to Singapore. Win-win situation 🙂

Have a jam-packed schedule for the next few days, shall be heaps of fun … shall accumulate enough memories to last till my next trip to Singapore, I hope!




One response

30 06 2008
Mince Pye

We’ll have to do this again sometime. 😉

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