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Hi, I’m Elyxia. I’m totally nuts, but I hide it pretty well!


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16 10 2007
Gospel of Faith and Deliverance

Dear Friend

On behalf of Gospel of Faith & Deliverance, we humbly invite you & your family to our miracle service. The Holy Spirit will heal and perform a breakthrough inyour life. Do not miss this anointed opportunity!

Bring in as many sick people or even those given certain dates to live
to this miracle service. They will be healed and set free without ounce of doubt.

People have been healed from chronic illness, AIDS, cancer, critical states as in ICU or those who have been dead have been raised to life by our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing is impossible with Him. He has healed them all.

He is alive today so come and see for yourself this healing and miracle-working God.

Our website is http://www.faithdelivernace.org/ or
call us at 065-63561884.

God bless you all!

P.S: Please circulate this email to your loved ones who needs healing or a breakthrough in life

7 03 2008


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