When a group is lesser than the individual

12 07 2008

I read somewhere that in a group setting, human beings tend to feel absolved of responsibility to participate or provide assistance.

E.g. When a person screams for help in the middle of the night in a highly populated residential area, few or none of “the group” will call the police for help – their reasoning being, “Someone else will do it”. However, if an individual knows that he/she is the only person in the area that is able to provide assistance, chances are he/she will do something to help.

I was pretty skeptical of that article. I mean, it’s more to do with upbringing and culture, right? If I was brought up to help folks in need, or brought up in a culture which emphasizes community spirit, I surely would help no matter what.

As fate would have it, I had the chance to test this theory …

Venue: Elevator, Ely’s office, Hong Kong

Time: Lunch time rush hour

Record of events:

– I have to make a stop at the company mailroom, 6 floors down from my office. The lift lobby is crowded as it’s lunch hour.

– Lift arrives at my floor. Several other people enter the lift with me.

– I press the button for my floor and move towards the back of the lift. I notice that no one else looks at the lift panel or presses the button for the ground floor.

– The lift stops at almost every floor on the way down. Others enter the lift. Still, no one looks at the lift panel. No one notices that “ground floor” hasn’t been activated.

– I reach my floor and exit. The lift doesn’t move. Everyone stares blankly forward and waits for the lift to continue its descent. (Of course that doesn’t happen, you didn’t activate the ground floor button. DUHHH!)

– The lift stops and starts going up instead. A lift-load full of apathetic people now have to make the journey up, then down again. Their inaction has wasted them at least 5-10 minutes of their lunch time.

Perhaps the theory is true — in this country, at least 🙂

On a side note, I finally got a new phone:

Samsung Soul U908



Will the rain ever stop …?

13 06 2008

It’s been pouring here for the past 1+ weeks … it rains in the mornings, afternoons, the entire night … you get the idea 😛

I stay in a low-lying residential area (Wanchai). Last Saturday, I woke up to knee-high water on the streets, the color of milk tea. A few hours later, the waters receded but 2 inches of mud were left on the streets. Apparently, all the disgusting mud was washed down from the hillslopes into our area. YUCK.

When I recounted this to a friend of mine, his immediate reaction was “Ooh, water the color of milk tea. Got pearls anot?” o.O

Men …

Didn’t manage to get photos of the flood disaster last week, but it’s raining again now so perhaps I’ll get “lucky” tomorrow. *rubs hands in anticipation of a good photo op*

My small and dusty nest

12 01 2008

With the arrival of my TV, my home is now almost complete! (Almost, because there are sooo many more decorative items I want to get, but am reluctant to because I don’t know how long my stay here actually will be)

Some pics of the place:

Living room (very small, apartments here are tiny)
















TV console – couldn’t resist getting the Samsung TV, it’s sooo pretty! Love the table clock too, it’s from a place called Homeless, it stocks lovely home accessories and I have a hard time controlling myself each time I visit …!










Bedroom – where Ms. Lazybones gets her sleep
















Bedroom – the computer corner
















Bedroom 2 – cum wardrobe cum storeroom. How in the world did I manage to amass so much stuff in just a few months? o.O
















I don’t know whether it’s just my area, but the place gets dusty really quickly! I give the floors a wipe at least twice a week and give the place a good cleaning every weekend, and that’s barely enough to keep the place livable. Fine, black dust is now the bane of my life. I think I should just seal off the house and leave the air-con on 24/7. Arrggh!!

The Uncle Kel Food Trail

2 01 2008

The S.O. had a good time living it up in HK for the past week. He looks a bit rounder than a week ago 😛 Anyone want to verify? Hehehe …

 Presenting … The Uncle Kel Food Trail (a.k.a. all the yummy stuff we gorged on)

(Sorry that I don’t have any pics, we were too busy eating to take any :P)

Shake ‘Em Buns

Huge, juicy burgers made fresh in front of you. We ordered 2 burgers (Missionary, Red on the Neck) and 2 sides (Spicy Onion Rings, Juicy Poppers) – totally stuffed after that! Can check out review from other folks here and some yummy pics here. S.O. thought that the burgers and rings were great but he preferred the Jalapeno poppers from Botak Jones because B.J. uses mozzarella while Shake ‘Em Buns uses cheddar.

Kau Kee Restaurant

Arguably the best beef brisket noodles I’ve ever tasted! Surprisingly, their drinks are good too. S.O. loved their clear beef brisket flat noodles and milk/lemon tea, he wanted to go again to try their curry beef brisket, but unfortunately the place closes on Sundays and holidays so didn’t get the chance.

Apparently, even Tony Leung eats there!

Mak’s Noodle

Juicy wontons, piping hot soup, perfectly cooked noodles … ahhh, bliss! We had to queue to get into the store, and then share a table in a cramped corner (lucky the other occupants left soon thereafer), but we both felt the experience was worth it! S.O. had the beef brisket and wonton noodles, he isn’t a prawn lover but he enjoyed the wontons, and we both liked that the noodles didn’t have any “powdery and alkali” taste. Be warned that portions are small and the noodles aren’t exactly cheap though! (Just under SG$7 a bowl)

Tai Cheong Bakery

Egg tarts straight from the hot plate! Burned my tongue while scarfing it down, but worth it!

Lucky Dessert

Heavenly durian pudding and mango glutinous roll. We could smell the durian from outside the store and rushed straight in. Needless to say, the house smelled of durian the whole of the next morning. This place was recommended by one of Kel’s friends, links to English and Chinese review.

Jenny Bakery 

Cookies that simply melt in your mouth. Our favourite was the coffee non-nut cookie. I shall buy some back for CNY!


Vietnamese/Thai restaurant at IFC. We had dinner here before heading to the airport because of the convenient location (Airport Express trains leave from Hong Kong Station, which is below IFC)

Had the spicy beef salad, soft shell crab rolls, grilled pork neck and pho bo. The food was good, portions reasonable, and lovely ambience. On hindsight, I guess it was an appropriate location for a “farewell” dinner!

Other notable eats during his stay: fried instant noodles with pork neck, dry fried beef hor fun, seafood at Shek O … the list goes on and on! Friends, visit HK and I’ll make sure you guys go back full and happy 🙂

On a side note, I so want to try the places listed in this article! Time to find fellow foodies in HK … 🙂http://www.aziacity.com/hk/magazine/feature/the_top_20_hong_kong_dishes

Meat has rights too!

9 12 2007

While in Causeway Bay, bumped into the supporters of rival election canditates Regina Ip and Anson Chan. Alot of shouting, waving of banners, canvassing …

And in the middle of it all … a steak was trying to canvass for “supporters”, too! It looked very out of place amid all the election mayham. Hahaha ….

A week of excesses

9 12 2007

A load of colleagues/friends from Singapore arrived in Hong Kong this week, leading to a full 4 days of work/play. Have been getting home past midnight for the past 3 weekday nights (plus waking up 7am for work the morning after), and exhausted is the word right now – though it has been tremendous fun! 🙂

Wednesday – Went to Zuma (again) for drinks and finger food till past 10pm. On the way home, a colleague and I decided we were still still hungry and nipped to a cafe for supper. Arrival @ home = 12++ am.

Thursday – Hevun and Sauzan arrived in Hong Kong for a short visit! Met them and some other MMORPG players and Hung Hom for dinner, then to Mongkok for shopping and supper. They tried smelly tofu, curry fish balls, maggi goreng HK style, ice milk and ice lemon tea … phew! Arrival @ home = 12++ am.

Friday – X’mas event at The Watermark, Star Ferry Pier 7 – the place has a great view of the harbour. The dress code was “Pearly White” – and I didn’t have any clothes in that color, so I made do with a pearly white santa cap and a pearly white scarf.










After the party, went for Karaoke at CEO, Causeway Bay. The room we booked came with an attached bathroom + Wii + separate TV for those who wanted to play console games. Drinks were reasonably priced too – around SG$50 for 9 bottles of beer. It’s one of the coolest Karaoke rooms I’ve seen!

Only got home at 3am that night. /groan

Saturday – Met up with Hevun and Sauzan for some sightseeing. Had a great vegetarian lunch at Lantau, followed by a whirlwind tour of Disneyland.

The train to Disneyland is full of Mickey-shaped items!





































We agreed that the directory looked a bit … bare. Seems like nothing of interest on the map at all. They should do something about the scaling of the map 😛










Methinks they should have used a lighter color for Mickey’s face. It’s now too reddish and he looks … drunk.
















Tried a few rides, but my favourite was SPACE MOUNTAIN! It’s much faster than I remembered, it was fun gazing at the “galaxy” within and pretending to be a space traveller.










The Main St. Parade. The actors were all hyper, full of energy – and it was infectious. Hmm, is this Chip or Dale waving at me?

Gingerbread man doing some fancy moves. He looks good enough to eat.
















Gingerbread man, why are you smiling so widely? I hope you’re aware that you’re a popular treat during X’mas 🙂










The 7 Dwarves doing an X’mas dance, managed to get all of them in one shot!

















As always, the parade ends with Mickey and his closest pals.

Didn’t manage to get pictures of the fireworks, camera ran out of power right after the parade. It was really pretty and will stick in my memory for quite a while. I wonder how much the display cost, though. The park is losing money and continuing with these expensive fireworks displays will surely add to the bleeding. Not all is happy at the happiest place on earth!

Company dinner – Hong Kong style

27 11 2007

The big boss was in HK for meetings last week. One remark from him “It’s hairy crab season?” and the menu was decided – chinese food, with hairy crab as one of the dishes.

Images of cold, furry crabs swam through my mind … ewww! Till my colleagues assured me the crabs were served hot, and the “hair” was contained to the upper part of the claw. Phew! (Btw crabs are usually served with black vinegar dipping sauce, and ginger tea is served after the dish to nullify the “han” of the crab)

Dinner was at Fook Lam Moon in Wanchai – famous for its star-studded guest list and sky-high prices. We had a few of their signature dishes and boy, was I impressed. Besides the hairy crab we had suckling pig, crispy chicken, baked stuffed crab, sharksfin, albalone, steamed fish, steamed lotus leaf rice, plus their signature cold dish and dessert. Everything was really good and fresh. Shall earmark this place for special occasions in future!

I don’t know whether it’s just my colleagues but there sure was a LOT of drinking during the dinner. Before the meal started, there was chinese wine. After the sharksfin dish, there was a toast. Then, french wine was served and …. quick and furious toasts after each course. OMG. I had this huge headache the next day – chinese + french wine = !!!!! BE WARNED!